dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Quicklaay reviewed: 490 Iron Mermaiden


Hi everyone!

For a long time I wanted to review Iron Mermaiden (awesome name !) but I never got to it.

The left picture is the catrice one irl, looks more interesting than on the press picture! And I can assure you, it's interesting on the nails too !

I never had a duo chrome before, and I do not regret my first one.
The polish has a thin formula but covers within 2 layers, amazing!  The duo chrome effect is lovely but not  as great as in the bottle, but it's  worthy buying, keeping the price in mind. The colour is lighter than I expected, it's a light purple going to olive green .  I've been looking at my nails the whole day, changing colour, amazing!  Anyways,  some bad swatching pictures and little movie underneath!

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