vrijdag 28 september 2012

Pink glittergradient and half one-brush-stroke-flowers

Hi everyone :)

I wore this mani this summer but I always forgot to post it, so here it is!
I started off with a pink glitter gradient and practised one stroke flowers, and this is the result :D I really loved this mani, and hated myself for taking it off.

Forgive me the horrible cuticles :(

woensdag 26 september 2012

Quickly reviewed: Mod about you - OPI

Hi everyone! :)

I got this one in my stash for a while, purchased this from a blogsale. To my surprise I didn't had any pastel pinks like this in my stash, and I'm sooo happy that I decided to let him join us.

Mod about you is a stunning light pink with  hint of purple that applies easy eventhough the formula is rather on the thick side.

Covers in one to two layers and stays on quiet well :D

I love wearing this colour in summertime, just too bad autumn (and winter soon) is already in town.

maandag 24 september 2012

Ring : born to privilege

Hi everyone :)

This is a ring a made some time ago for Elisa, starring Wet'n wild's born to privilege!

zaterdag 22 september 2012

Ebay and istanbul haul

Hi everyone! 

I love jewelry, especially when it's extremely cheap, and yes I tend to choose quantity instead of quality. Take a look at my last purchased necklaces, rings bracelets and earrings!

Got this from my aunt !

Zeeman !

Turkey; Istanbul

I'm soooo proud of this little panda collection :D

Istanbul :)

woensdag 19 september 2012

Quickly reviewed: Hazelnut Cream Pie - Essence Nude Glam

Hi everyone !

It took some while before I jumped on the nude nailtrain, but I'm really starting to like them. This is Hazelnut cream pie from the 'older bottled' essene nude glam collection that retails for €1,29 ( I think ).

It's a simple beigy nude with a cute pink shimmer in the bottle but not so much on your nails. You notice the shimmer when a loads of light are shining on your nails and it makes it sooo pretty. Too bad I couldn't capture it on photo :(

Covers in two layers, nicely opaque, great application :)

zondag 16 september 2012

Half moons

Hi everyone!

Here's a manicure I wore a week ago; simple half moons and loads of glitters :D

vrijdag 14 september 2012

Technic electric palette

 Hi everyone !

Yesterday was my birthday and I really wanted to post a birthdaymanicure but I didn't get to it because I was only home at 9 o'clock pm from Istanbul. It was wonderful!

Two weeks ago, I bought a beautiful new palette in de Bart Smit for only €3! What a bargain :D
All colours are quiet pigmented but some of them are rather soft and crumbly, but still easy to work with. I'm totally digging this palette ! Check out the swatches :D

dinsdag 11 september 2012

#13 Polish jewelry

Hi everyone!

Some stuff I've been working on for friends! I love the strawberry idea, not perfect but they look soooo cute!

zondag 9 september 2012

EOsome days ago

 Hi everyone!

A week ago Elisa and I played around with make-up and a new palette I got and these were the results! Loads of colour and crazy brows!

Tomorrow I leave for Istanbul with my boyfriend, I'm superexcited! I really hope my expectation are going to be fulfilled :D

donderdag 6 september 2012

Tutorial : Converse shoes

Hi everyone :)

Today I have a easy tutorial for you that gives you pretty cool nails!
(If I can say so myself)

You can do the black and white with acrylics or polish, doesn't really matter. I used polish here :)

I really hope you're going to try this one out!

maandag 3 september 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Aquadelic - China Glaze

Hi everyone !

Aquadelic has been crowned to one of my favourite colours of summer! It's sooooo bright it almost makes me cry :p

The polish applies like a charm and covers within two layers; and if you're generous with the polish, you might rock this colour with only one coat.
As you can see my nails are suffering from some bubbling, but this has to do with my basecoat!

The polish is holding up pretty well too; I've been wearing it for 5 days and my nails are only suffering minor tipwear!

This polish is part of the summer neon collection from China Glaze. These neon/bright colours make me happy and 'summer'! YAY
Please don't mind the lack of clean-up. I did this manicure in a rush and wanted to take some quick pictures before I threw some holo topcoat on it!

zaterdag 1 september 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Born to privilege - Wet 'n wild

Hi everyone :)

These pictures don't do justice do this polish at all! I just couldn't get it right on picture. THE HORROR ö

This pretty one is a golden - green duochrome with round glitter in all different colours. Sometimes it evens flashes blue -sigh-The varnish covers with 2 layers but needs topcoat to shine and glitter even more ;)

This polish is a part of the coloricon collection of wet'n wild and probably my favourite since I adore golden polishes.

If you ever have the chance to pick these up and looove glitter; don't hesitate! It'll be worth it :)
I really hope some miracle will happen one day, and some crazy ass bastard decides to sell it in Belgium/Europe


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