donderdag 30 juni 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: 192 Manic - P2 Victim

Hi everyone :)

I got some yellow polish for you!
It's a pastel that has almost the same yellow as my pikachu :D

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Stylish blogger award :)

Hi everyone :)
Hooraay :D my second award, thanks to Lady Luck.

The Rules

1. Thank the person that gave you the award and link back to them.
2. Post 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
4. Let them know they received this award.

7 things about me

1. I cannot stant the heat, I feel like I can melt any minute
2. I'm a huge fan of teddybears!
3. I'm addicted to "patience" (the game on the computer).
4. I messed up my manicure today... Really don't like it
5. Today I'm graduating from high school in Latin Mathematics :D
6. Next year I'm going to study bio medical sciences
7. I'm a big fan of The Cure and The Smiths 

Tagging the bloggers

I'm going to admit, I'm too lazy to tag 15 bloggers, and I urgently have to change clothes, so feel free to be tagged, I tag YOU ALL!

zondag 26 juni 2011

Ebay haul!

Hi  everyone :)

For prom I got myself some rhinestones to put on my masque (... masqued ball) and I can use them for my nails and make - up too! (Hooraaaay !)
I saw some nice and cheap brushes and decided to buy them too :)

Everything was shipped pretty quickly (the rhinestones amazingly quickly) and wrapped up nicely.
Too bad some of the handles of my brushes were broken... The same day I received them and wanted to glue them together but while fighting the super glue I spilled on my lovely and beloved pencil brush from Yves Rocher and killed it. If you have tricks and tips for me to save my brush and get the glue out of the hairs, TELL ME!

Anyways, some pictures and links :)

Link to the product !

Link to the product !

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Volcano and lava inspired nails

Hello everyone :)

For this manie I got inspired (obliged ) by my boyfriend to do something volcano-ish with my crackle polish.
The first picture is with a matt topcoat over it... Don't know what I like the most, you're all to judge :)

woensdag 22 juni 2011

Quicklaaay Reviewed: Sunshine 4ever - Essence

Hi everyone :)

Today a review about the it - colour of this summer, YELLOW
I always loved the colour because every damn shade of it is soooo bright (love it)

For now, it's not mimosa from chanel (not even a dupe) but a darker orange yellow of essence, your feet collection

maandag 20 juni 2011

Cherry on the pie!

Hi everyone :)

It's not the best I made but it was still fun. 
And sorry for my late post, I've been busy with me exams, tomorrow religion ö 

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: Elle Exception Nagllack - 39 Gold

Hello everyone :)

Today a cheap €1 polish that my mother bought for me in the t€di (also known for me als the 1 - euro shop.) in Germany a while ago. Gold is a more yellow than golden colour with tons of glitters (ömg ! )
And god damned it surprised me ...

donderdag 16 juni 2011


Hi everyone :)

Today something beside my nails, but totally into make - up ^.^ My eye of the day :)

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Newspaper nail (attempt II) and not completely failed !

Hello everyone :)

I'm in the middle of my exams so I tried to do something quick and not too hard, so I got the vodka out (parents think I'm a sneaky drinker now) and tore a page of a magazine apart.

Little note, I know my fingers look dirty but that is some transfer of the newspaper :p

maandag 13 juni 2011


Hi everyone :) 

A little something for my belgians here


In (?) deze link een bon om je oude make-up in te wisselen tegen NYC make-up, jammer genoeg hebben niet alle filialen deze make - up :( net zoals de kruidvat in m'n buurt (grrr)

Maar elke kruidvat heeft wel Finger's of 2B, 30% korting dus :)

't Is allemaal geldig tot 19 juni :)

Succes met de examens en met het eventuele shoppen :)

zondag 12 juni 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: 2B - 59 (white)

Hello everyone :)

I hate the lame nail for the polish :p god, why not be a little bit creative? But we shouldn't be too picky, I got this polish free. So let's get started!

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: My skin - essence

 Hello everyone :)

A while ago, I bought for the first time a day cream. It happenned to be  Mattifying cream:lychee and blue grape from Essence.

First of all, the smell is amazing! Not too much and not too little, fresh and fruity. The cream smears out really well. It does make my skin softer and my skin is more mattified. Too bad my skin had to get used to the cream because little spots came up when I first started using it, but that's all gone know.

I really recommend this cream, if you have a young skin and don't feel like spending money on a day cream

woensdag 8 juni 2011

Cupcake time !

Hello everyone :)

I gave myself some cupcakes and now my tummy really feels like it ... --
Anywaaays, I tried some "kawaii" faces, but as you see, I'm not really good at it. They rather scare me than do otherwise.
Here's the result !

I tried to add some glitters to my white

maandag 6 juni 2011

Newspapernail ( attempt I )

Hello everyone :)

Tutorial I found about this design!
I tried to do one nail with some newspaper, and that's how it turned out.
I did in on shimmer (even though, the tutorial told me not to) but I already did my base colour before reading it ...

The only thing I know is that I'm going to try it again on all of them! I hope it will work out fin

zaterdag 4 juni 2011


Hello everyone
I don't think this post will be on time,  but you can/could get free polish (2B) in Kruidvat...
The polishes that I got (thanks to Guillaume) are the number 59 and 12 :)

donderdag 2 juni 2011

Quicklaay reviewed:01 Sparkling Champagner - Essence nail art crackle base

Hello everyone :)

I want to show you Sparkling champagner, a lovely white gold polish, created to be the base of the black crackle polish of essence. The polish is pretty but isn't perfectly opaque, maybe after three coats, I did only 2.

The formula is rather thick, but it's not disturbing. I like the colour way more on my nails than in the bottle. Win situation :D

sorry for the lack of pictures, but a lot won't open on the computer....
I'm using this colour as the base of my first newspaper transfer thing... Exciting ^^


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