zondag 20 oktober 2013

New in & swatched : Essence mono eyeshadows & bronzer

Hi everyone!

A while ago I shopped some eyeshadows from Essence because it was a buy3pay2 kind of thing and whilst looking around I decided to finally pick up bronzer and starting to use that in my make-up routine.


I love the off-white and the bronze eyeshadow. The off-white became my go-to browbone colour and the bronze has such a beautiful and warm colour, great for a quick bronzy smokey eye.
But I'm not such a fan of the minty green one. The colour payoff isn't great and the shadow hardly shows up on the eye. But I kind of expected that from a €1,29 eyeshadow. Though I must say I like the new packaging! They're opening way more easier and no worries breaking or damaging your manicure! (*first world problems!*)

I've been using the bronzer for a while now, and I like it, but it's still that tad to warm for my skintone... I can't really say much about it since I've never used other bronzers!

donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Swatch : Don't touch my mosserati! - Catrice mono eyeshadow

Hi everyone!

I always try to stay away from mono eyeshadows in stores, because I get so easily tempted to buy colours that I already have. But I saw this one caught my eye and I just had to had it! It is soooo pretty! It's the perfect mossy green with golden shimmer. I absolutely love it!
And it ws Catrice, so didn't cost me a fortune, €2,89 to be exactly.


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