maandag 23 mei 2011

Quicklaaay Reviewed : Pieces - Starry sky

Hello hi!
Today I'm reviewing a polish that I got last year from Guillaume from Pieces. It's the only polish from pieces that I have and I read on several blogs that the quality and ease of the polish is differs a lot from polish to polish.

The first thing that I noticed: Awful formula... It's too thick and it's hard to get the polish evenly spread on my nails. Starry sky (lovely name!) is opaque within 2 layers and has a surprising effect in the sunlight!
At first I wasn't super excited about this polish because the amounts of glitter aren't enormous. But in sometimes, when the sun shines very bright, you can see subtle red glitters (even purple!) everywhere! So gorgeous!

I tried my best but I couldn't manage to get the glitters on photo (decently)...
Better next time!

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