zaterdag 25 januari 2014

New Catrice crushed crystals: Oysters & Champagne and Stardust

Hi everyone!

In Düsseldorf I stumbled on a LE that held a couple of the polishes and lipstains that go into the new february collection. I've put the polishes over a peel off base, so I can't tell anything about removal.

Oyster & Champagne has a sheer champagne base  with loads of golden glitters and chunkier gold rose to pink glitters. It 's soooo pretty, but too bad that it doesn't cover completely...

And this is Stardust. Not so interesting in the bottle (looks like a plain black), but gorgeous on the nail. Stardust has a deep dark brown base stuffed with silver glitter. Cover in one to two layers.

Which one do you like the best?

x Jolien

vrijdag 24 januari 2014

Stamping hawaï

Hi everyone!

I received these stamping plates a long time ago from KK center, but I never managed to 'master' the skill of stamping, but I think that I did wel this time!

The flowers en the pineapple are my favourite! What are yours?

x Jolien

woensdag 15 januari 2014


Hi everyone!

This is my 'no inspiration but still wanna do make-up look'look. What probably doesn't make sense. A simple neutral in the crease, a winged liner and green (or purple) eyeliner! And because I'm lazy and an occasional lip biter... No lipsticks or gloss, maybe a smack of lipbalm.

Hope you like it ;)

X Jolien

Wannabe Pug nails

Hi everyone!

I'm not really a peculiar pugfan, but having one on my nails sounded cute. Even when they look more like bear... The base is Trendsetter by China glaze, can't help it but I looooove that colour! And the glitters are a Essence LE (Be loud!) topcoat grafitti topper!

Big kiss
x Jolien

maandag 13 januari 2014


Hi everyone !

I just love using blue eyeshadow, that reason alone makes me want to have pretty blue eyes!
I just suck at taking selfies for showing my make-up to you, but I hope that'll progress.

x Jolien

ps: Give some love to that unicorn pushed in that corner!

zaterdag 11 januari 2014

My oh so late christmas nails

Hi everyone!

The holiday season is my favourite time of the year! (Minus the exam part of course)
I hope you made it through okay, and that you had a splendid time!

My nails are showing off China Glaze's Running around in Circles from te Cirque du soleil collection. I'm totally obsessed with this green. It just screams Christmas!

As you can see, the placement of my weird deer did not work out... There was no room left for the antler. Very sad. I hope you guys rocked a better deer and looked fabulous at christmas :D

x Jolien


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