donderdag 19 mei 2011

Quicklaaay Reviewed: 42 Dress for a moment - Essence colour and go

Essence Colour & Go 42 Dress for a Moment Nagellak
May I present you a very nice and soft lilac colour?
A very summery colour that shows off pretty great on nails... I bought this one together with Love, peace and purple to get a discount of 25% percent, and hell yeah I'm happy I have it :D
The soft lilac has a jelly finish and because of the 'paleness' in the polish, my cuticles look rather dirty and brown... Maybe because the colour is to light for me oooor because I had a dark polish before the lilac and it's still a little bit stuck on my cuticles... No idea.
It's essence, so it is budget like most of my polishes... The formula is quite thick and harder to work with but within two to three layers, your nails are opaque!
I have been wearing the polish for 5 days now and it's not chipped at all, I only got some tip wear (and I have topcoat over it).

Overall I'm happy with this polish even though it has a rather thick formula... Hope you like it too ! :D

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