maandag 26 september 2011

I'm sorry ;o

Hi everyone :)

This year is the first year I go to the university and that I'm partially living alone... Normally here would be a blogpost but I forgot my camera (with all the pictures on) at home ;( So I cannot make a blogpost. Sorry!

So today I had my first lesson of chemistry and apparently I have to cut all my nails short and stop wearing nail polish when I have a practicum... I hate it ! I hope this won't be the case in physics, or I can put all my lovely polishes away ;(

Nevermind my sad story :p so the next time I will be able to post something nail related will be friday night or saturday!

See you then ! x

zaterdag 24 september 2011

My skyline

Hi everyone :)

Yes, I had to go with this trend 'cause I absolutely love it! So this is my version :)
(It looks cooler wit more sunlight, you have a subtile holographic sky <3 )

donderdag 22 september 2011

NOTD: Gosh holographic

Hi everyone :)

It's an AMAZING colour, but crappy polish, anyways, I let you enjoy it

dinsdag 20 september 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: Zeeman oogpotloden / eyepencils

Hi everyone :)

In my 'Kortrijk haul' you may have noticed the eye pencils I purchased.

The first thing I noticed, using these, is that they are pretty hard and not very creamy. They're not long lasting, absolutely not when I use them on my waterline... But set with some eye shadow they can survive :)

They're not miracle pencils, but what did you expect for 99 cents?

zondag 18 september 2011

Tutorial: Simple roses

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm showing you how to create small roses on your nails, it's quick and easy :)

vrijdag 16 september 2011

Women's secret roses

Hi everyone :)

I've been shopping for underwear with a good (and crazy) friend Jolissa in Roeselare. We bought stuff in the Women's secret, and I immediately fell in love with the bag we got! It inspired me to do one of my favourite naildesigns... ROSES ;D

Oh yea, within 2 days a tutorial :)

Bag I was inspired by

woensdag 14 september 2011

Quicklaaay swatched: Smokey blues - NYC

Hi everyone :)

First time I bought something from NYC, and here are some swatches !

The first one is a shimmery golden champagne colour, the second is a grey shimmer, the third is a mediumbrown with lovely golden sparkles in and the last is an aubergine/dark brown colour...

Hope you liked it :)

maandag 12 september 2011

Mickey mouse nails - Lady gaga inspired

Hi everyone

This manicure has been done by quite a view people, and seeing mine,  is a bit of a fail but if you move quickly, it looks like the thing I actually wanted...

Too bad I smugded a mous on my thumb ;o

zaterdag 10 september 2011

French manicure !

Hi everyone :)

It was a long time ago since I did a french manicure and 3 weeks ago I did it on a friend of the mother of my boyfriend, and doubted like giving myself one too. Eventually I chose to do it and this is how it turned out.

A classic french manicure with some glitters !

donderdag 8 september 2011

Kortrijk haul :)

Hi everyone :)

I'm back from vacation in France and didn't purchase anything related to beauty...
So my boyfriend took a day off of studying, and took me to Kortrijk :D

And this is what I bought !

- Herome nail gel and the whitener ( 50% off ! Woohoo )
- NYC Individual eyes smokey palette for blue eyes (50 % off )
- 5 eye pencils from Zeeman for € 0,99
- Pureskin purifying face and nose strips

dinsdag 6 september 2011

Celine lacques her nails: You belong to me - Essence

Hi everyone! :D

I'm superexcited because I've got some help with swatching from my deardear friend CELINE ! (Wooohoo !)

Hi !
Jolien asked me if I want to help writing on her blog. I said yes immediately, but that's already months ago :p

The nailpolish that I wore was essence - you belong to me. And I have to say : ME GUSTA ! Really, I love it! It's a creamy nailpolish and it covers in 2 layers. I'm not a lover of all nailpolishes of essence, but this one was my favourite summer nailpolish.

zondag 4 september 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: Mellow Yellow - Essence colour and go

Hi everyone :)

Today it's mellow yellow 's turn :)
It's a sweet pastel yellow, perfect (an it - colour) for summer, too bad it's almost over. :(

The colour is great and the polish covers in 2 layers, the consistency is rather thick but not disturbingly thick. It goes great on and as all essence polishes, CHEAP !

The bubbles are there because of the heat... I used this colour in southern France.


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