zaterdag 30 april 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed : 03 kings of mints - Essence you rock!

Wednesday I got  per accident in het kruidvat and I saw 25% discount on Essence (on 3 products) and the new LE you rock, and finally the new Catrice collection !
Yes ! Three in a row! Too bad, I didn't bring my wallet so I had to find my boyfriend to help me out :) I found him, but after all I paid with my card...

I brought an bright light blue home : Kings of Mints and Love Peace and Purple (who looks much better on picture than IRL)!

woensdag 27 april 2011

Quicklaay reviewed: 520 Apropos Apricot

Today I got something between a pastel orange/peach and a vibrantpeach. On the picture of catrice  the polish looks a lot lighter than it actually is.

dinsdag 26 april 2011

maandag 25 april 2011

Little Strawberries

It is still hot in here and I feel like eating fruit ö too bad they're still so pricy !
Goood ! I'm really getting hungry ^.^  glad I'm making cupcakes this afternoon !

zaterdag 23 april 2011

Quicklaaay Reviewed: 460 In the bronx - Catrice

Tried my new catrice polish on a friend of me (Barbara again) and on my toes. But because I dislike feet, I give you this picture for me review :)


donderdag 21 april 2011

Some pink girly cuteness

I decided to do something simple and quick in Italy and that's what I came up with

Sorry for a bit too much lighting ;(
anyways, my base was the Moulin Rouge Light from catrice :)

Hope you like it! 

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Quicklaaay Reviewed: 050 Moulin Rouge Light Catrice Nude Collection

Hi everyone!
I bought this one two weeks and a half ago from the new ultimate nude collection of Catrice.

I really like the polishcolour, a soft pink jelly with a little bit of peach.The polish chips after 3 days a bit and tipwear from the first day.
On the back of the bottle is mentioned that the polish is sheer with one coat but after 2 to 3 coats it's opaque. 
It has a normal dry time and it's a perfect nude colour for summer!

zondag 17 april 2011

Green stripes and dots

I' ve been in Italy for ten days with school, what caused the lack of posts...
So here a simple design that I partly did on the nails of a friend (she continued dotting after I showed her :) )

Barbara's nails !

This may look very simple, but I think it's cute. Proof that nail art doesn't have to be hard.

maandag 11 april 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: Gosh - Holographic

Gooood I'm glad it's summer :) I'm in Italy on the moment and enjoying it!

Today I got some lovely holographics for you, and oooh how beautiful isn't he?
I introduce you: Gosh - Holographic
I bought this one last year, but due the lack of sunshine, I didn't feel like wearing it...

A lot of sunshine but bad picture quality

No sunshine involved

I must say the varnish polishes very nice and smooth and has a lovely consistency. But the first thing I notice (next to the FABULOUS holographic effect) is the horrible chipping. I tried this polish with base coat and without and it just doesn't work. Application is not good with base coat, and alright without. I read that the polish won't chip that fast with Nfu - oh Aqua Base or the Fix Base Coat of Gosh itself.
Anyways, I don't have any of the two so I have to do it without. In comparison to Catrice or something like that, the polish is quite pricey (€6,99?), but I don't think you get a nice holographic lower than that. (Please tell me if I'm wrong).
Anyways, I'm happy with the colour but not really with the quality... I expected more from Gosh, mais bien oui, c'est la vie!

This was the state of my polish after two days:

Hope you liked it!

ps: The dark tip is thanks to my blaze polish that turns in the sun!

zaterdag 9 april 2011


Hi !
A went shopping on wednesday and look what I’ve found!
Yes indeed :D The newest collection of Catrice! (and a tonic…) The collection from essence wasn’t there (in its total)… So I’m going to wait to purchase some of them.
The colours I bought are:
  •           050 Moulin Rouge Light – Nude Collection
  •           520 Apropos Apricot – Ultimate Nail Lacquer
  •           490 Iron Mermaid - Ultimate Nail Lacquer
  •           Essence Quick dry topcoat
  •           Essence nail art something (I think it is cuticle oil :p but I’m not completely sure)
  • EDIT: I also bought In the bronx by Catrice  ;o  I totally forget him; Sorryy !

Moulin Rouge Light and Apropos Apricot are soft colours for summer and Iron Mermaid is a lovely duochrome (at least I hope it is a nice duochrome :p)
I hope you already got your new catrice – essence items !

donderdag 7 april 2011

Ring - a - ring - a - ROSIES pocket full of ...

It's is spring and it's time to get the happiness outside with some pastelcolours and flowers !

zondag 3 april 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed : Essence - 03 Clyde

Today a review about the other half of Bonnie  of the nail art twin collection.
I got this on my birthday from Chloë, A lovely cute girl!
I used this one on my French manicure white by essence , a mis buy, I was actually looking for a covering white, not a sheer one. However, I think I'll use it as a white base for watermarbling, glitters or actually to do some French tips... You'll never know

Anywaaaays: I'm reviewing all the glitters in the bottle for you !

It's a glitter topper in blue with larger and smaller glitters in it


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