zaterdag 25 februari 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Bourjois - Rose innocence

Hi everyone :)

First of all. I needed 2 minutes to find out how I opened it, but once you got it, it' s easy and handy!
Bourjois' Rose innocence lipstick (sweet kiss naturel collection) is a pinkish nude with a very subtile golden. Normally I never wear nudes on my lips because my lips have almost no colour so never really interfere with heavier eyelooks.
Because I knew I wasn't going to grab this lipstick often out of my lipstickbasket I've put it in my purse and hoped I would wear it time to time if it passed my eye.

And I do! It gives that little bit more to your lips and doesn't overpower, doesn't dry out your lips, stays on quiet well and smells quiet good.
I think I wouldn't purchase it myself, but it's a good product :)

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