zaterdag 16 februari 2013

NYC City Mono Eyeshadow

Hi there!

I bought his NYC eyeshadow just because I would have an awesome reduction buying 3 products of NYC and this mono eyeshadow - together with a black one - were the only ones left, so I grabbed it and paid.

Anyways, without any thought I bought an awesome highlighter! I love how it's off white with a hint of golden shimmer, which gives an amazing glow! 

If you want a pretty and not too much highlighter, go out and grab this one! It retails for only €1,99... How amazing!

woensdag 13 februari 2013

Swatch: NYC HD Color Quatro Eyeshadow Palettes - Fashion Bootcamp

Hi everyone!

I wanted to show you this HD Color Quatro Eyeshadow Palettes called Fashion Bootcamp, it contains a beautiful green kakhi colour an some neutrals and a darker brown filled with golden shimmer.

Scroll down and check out the swatches!

The colour pay off is great! Especially when you know this palette only costs €3,99: AWESOME
It's perfect for a green smokey eye and you can also create a neutral look. This palette is gorgeous! I you love greens , go for it!

dinsdag 12 februari 2013

NOTD Essence Pop Pastel Blue

Hi everyone!

Lately I've really been into blues! Just wanted to show you this beautiful one! It's Essence's Pop Pastel Blue; i'm in looooove! It covers in 2 layers and applies smooth, no complaints!

I topped it off with a casuelle duochromy-ish topper, but the photograph just isn't showing it's beauty. The topper shifts from a purple to gold shimmer, soooo pretty!

Is there a particular new polish, or colour you've been into lately?

zondag 10 februari 2013

Braided accent nail

Hi everyone!

This manicure is from 2 month ago, but I really wanted to post my braided accent nails! I love the technique more than I expected... 

Did you guys already tried it?
No? I hope you just got inspired!

vrijdag 8 februari 2013

I'm back from Londen!

Hi everyone!

I'm back from a 3day trip to Londen and of course, had a matching manicure!

I bought some Sleek and Barry M when I was there, and I must say, I kept control over myself, I'm proud!


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