dinsdag 31 januari 2012


Hi everyone :)

It's not really ''of the day'' , I wore this for my exam informatics :)

zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Subtile golden crackle

Hi everyone :)

The only polish but the chanel one I have here in my "crib" at Gent was this golden cracklepolish from P2 (Golden Rush) so I just threw it over my Walk in the woods.

Without topcoat (dries quite matt)

With a touch of nailwhitener (due to the lack of topcoat.)

donderdag 26 januari 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed : Essence - Chirp, chirp! (NatVentUrista LE)

Hi everyone :)

I've already used this one for my pink half moons, and here's a proper swatch of the nudybeige colour :)

In the bottle the colour was extremely interesting ... The light beige has a fuchsia shimmer and when you hold the bottle in a different angle you see blue and green shimmer !
Too bad it's not noticeable when you got the colour on your nails...You can still see a bit of the fuchsia shimmer (couldn't get it on photo D: ) but the blue and the purple was gone!

The polish went on very easily, but something really strange happenned during drying. On some nails , bubbles were coming through... And I have no idea what caused it...

Little bit disappointing but it was worth the 50 cents I payed for it.

dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Half moons : pink and beige

Hi everyone :)

I had the urgent feeling to give those pink nails some great half moons.

zondag 22 januari 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Chanel - Rose exubérant

Hi everyone :D

This is my first Chanel polish and I got it from Marijke :D (don't you love that girl)
First, I would never buy this polish just because of the price and because I'm cheap; and budget is my moto.

Nevertheless, I like this vibrant deep pink jelly that looks a little bit trashy on my :p

I really like the colour, and the polish applied like a charm, but the next morning I already had chips! Okay, I didn't use a basecoat... But it's not what I expect from a rather expensive polish... So disappointing :(

woensdag 18 januari 2012


Hi everyone :)

I'm in my examperiod right now, so I don't really have a lot (none actually) occasion to get dressed and make myself up... So 2 days ago we had dinner with my aunt (that for me didn't last longer than one hour, had to go back studying) and I made a brown orangy smokey eye :)

maandag 16 januari 2012

zaterdag 14 januari 2012

Glitter goodies

Hi everyone !

Here are some glitter treats ;o
I'm showing you hello holo and clyde from essence :)


donderdag 12 januari 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Walk in the woods - Essence

Hi everyone :)

Here's a nude catrice polish from the florista collection that I picked up last week for only 1 euro

First, I actually like the design of the bottle! And i'm happy that the bottle looks as good as the polish :)
As almost all catrice polishes, the polish cover is 2 to three layers, application was great and I think I haven't noticed any downsides!

Hope you like this nudy too ^^

dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Orange butterfly wings

Hi everyone!

I got some butterfly wings for you ! I added for fun Essence's hello holo , and I think it worked out great!

zondag 8 januari 2012

Kruidvat: Grabbelbak ! Essence, 2B & Catrice: €0,50

Hi everyone!

I passed by the kruidvat and decided to take a quick look around, you never know what you find...


I love it. And because Kruidvat is like superquick in Ieper, the vampire love collection just came in :p I couldn't believe it! If you want some cheap stuff, go and shop !

zaterdag 7 januari 2012


Hi everyone :)

I really want to share this with the world :p

vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed : Stunning Yellow - P2

Hi everyone !

Today I have a polish from the LE from P2 : Cirque de beauté !
When I saw the display I was amazed, such a beautiful colours! The first one that really cought my eye was this yellow. I think I have found my perfect one! Not too dark and not too light.

Polish is opaque in 3 thin layers and the formula is okay, but I wouldn't mind if it was a little bit thinner. I have the polish on for 2 (or 3?) days and there's no chipping and a little bit of tip wear... Like!

dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Fancy snake skin

Hi everyone :)

First time I did this snake skin mani ! Hope you like it (I kind of do) ^^

zondag 1 januari 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed : Essence - Rich and pretty

Hi everyone ! :)

First : I wish everybody a happy newyear! I hope you won't make it too hard for yrself this year with all yr resolutions!

Today a beautiful foil silver from essence that reminds me a lot of Goldfinger by Catrice ...
Like Goldfinger it is a foil and contains a subtile shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow :D

Application is great! Not too thick, maybe a bit too thin, but not disastrously... It takes 3 layers to have perfect coverage and has a rather long drying time :( (that how I ruined my middle finger) and the most beautiful thing is that it costs only €1,29.


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