woensdag 24 juni 2015

I'm back al clean and fresh

Hi everyone!

I took a superlong hiatus. But never stopped doing nails. I just got tired of blogging.
In the mean time I've got my license as a make up artist, and tbh my love for make up has outgrown my love for polish a bit.
But I still love having gorgeous nails and looking at beautiful tallons. Around the time that I started slacking, a lot of drama was going on in the blogging/facebookgroup world and that just wasn't my scene and my motivation got a bit lost.

I started another blog, in Dutch together with my best friend. Comedy is the main theme, decorated with fashion and beauty.

Als je Nederland spreekt en leest, altijd welkom om te komen piepen bij Jelly Much.

Anyways, My manicure I'm wearing now is very clean and grown up for my doing, besides the touch of glitter ;) Oh, I also added a pictogram of a diamond, to 'man' it up a bit.

I used a black acrylic paint, Essence Marshmellow and China Glaze Techno.

Hope you like the fact that I'm back.

Big kiss
Jolien x


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