dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Quicklaay reviewed: 490 Iron Mermaiden


Hi everyone!

For a long time I wanted to review Iron Mermaiden (awesome name !) but I never got to it.

The left picture is the catrice one irl, looks more interesting than on the press picture! And I can assure you, it's interesting on the nails too !

Mattified blue gosh

As I told you I would try the wear off the matt version of me gradient manicure. I think the matt looks stunning on the gosh blue monday, but doesn't do it well with my glitters.

maandag 30 mei 2011

Sad sad news.

Hello everyone

Today I pronounce my camera to be officially mad. I only get purple or green pictures out of it :p
I know the quality of my pictures wasn't the best; but it will be worse...

I let you know so you'll be prepared ;)

zondag 29 mei 2011

Dotted toes!

I actually hate my feet (I hate feet in general...), especially my toes... But I did their nails today and it looked quite cute :)

vrijdag 27 mei 2011

Gold to blue

With Blue Monday from Gosh on my side, I felt like glitter, so I throw more over it!

I'm thinking of doing them matt or with crackle... We'll see !

woensdag 25 mei 2011

Quicklaaay Reviewed: Blue Monday - Gosh

Hello everyone :)

Today I have a polish that I already used for my tapingmanicure... Blue monday is not only an amazing name, it's also a medium dark blue with tons of blue glitters.

Mattified Starry Sky

Nothing special today... Just a lovely mat look.
I think mat, the polish looks even better!

maandag 23 mei 2011

Quicklaaay Reviewed : Pieces - Starry sky

Hello hi!
Today I'm reviewing a polish that I got last year from Guillaume from Pieces. It's the only polish from pieces that I have and I read on several blogs that the quality and ease of the polish is differs a lot from polish to polish.

zaterdag 21 mei 2011

Taping: experiment 1

My first time taping! Pretty exciting and first of all, I couldn't forget to thank my boyfriend for cutting the tape! I bumped on a lovely nailblog called Nailside ( she has some amaaazing taping skills ) and got inspired ^^ ! As you see, I still have to work my techniques...

donderdag 19 mei 2011

Quicklaaay Reviewed: 42 Dress for a moment - Essence colour and go

Essence Colour & Go 42 Dress for a Moment Nagellak
May I present you a very nice and soft lilac colour?
A very summery colour that shows off pretty great on nails... I bought this one together with Love, peace and purple to get a discount of 25% percent, and hell yeah I'm happy I have it :D

dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Crackle tips !

Hello hi!

Sorry for (again) my very lack of posts... I wanted to write earlier but I didn't manage to get my pictures on the computer so I had to wait untill today to post them!
I got some Crack me! black from essence :) I'll try to review it later on.
Hope you like it !

vrijdag 13 mei 2011

Hooray : Kreativ Blogger (award :D)

Hooraay, I got lucky and received my first award as creative blogger :DA million thanks to Ladyluck !

The rules for this award are:
Write 10 facts about yourself and pass the award to 10 bloggers and tell them about the award.

Ten Facts About Me...
1. I love nailpolish and make - up (god, what  surprise)
2. My pets are many fish, a metallic dog and a metallic bird. (The metallic ones because I'm not allowed to have real ones)
3. I desperately need a haircut, for a month now... I just don't find the time.
4. I love baking but I love even more people loving my bakings (if that makes sense)
5. Glitter is my favourite colour, eventhough it isn't  colour.
6. I hope I can study medecines next year :) (first have to pass some examinations)
7. I love music and arts and I play the piano
8. I actually would need an extra day in a week to get everything done that I have to do
9. Today I dropped my box where I keep my eyeshadows, and three of them all gave their last breath today, peace may be with them ;(
10. And last but not least, I love all my friends, and from time to time my boyfriend to :p

So, I'll pass this one true too
Linda's nail art
-Wicked skakid
Mon coin à Moua
More Nailpolish

woensdag 11 mei 2011

Love, peace and purple : Funny note !

While studying I got some candies from a friend (THANK YOU RUBEN, he's never going to read this ever.)
I received 3 "neuzekes" or "cuberdons'' (I don't know the english) and they had almost the exact colour of my nails!

So here some crappy pictures!

and by the way, today is exciting, I getting my "mystery piece" for my piano exam!

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Quicklaay Reviewed: 02 Love, Peace and Purple - Essence : You Rock !

First thing I noticed while I tried it very quickly on the bus... I looked so much better on the promo photos than in real life... I decided to try it anyway, hoping on a miracle.

dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Thin it up: What to do with old polish?

Hello everyone
Like you probably know, I adore nailpolish and I really hate it when they are a bit old and get harder to work with... The easiest way to "fix" your nailpolish is by using a thinner. You can buy the expensive stuff, like O.P.I, Essie... or the more cheaper ones by P2 victim... But you can also like me go to your fathers working material and find the solvent in a big bottle.

maandag 2 mei 2011

Flashy leopard !

I just loooooove leopard print, especially in nails... Too bad I'm not really good at it and I never get them like I want to... Anyways, Here's my result... And it's not the worst I ever made. Let that be a bit conforting...


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