maandag 11 april 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: Gosh - Holographic

Gooood I'm glad it's summer :) I'm in Italy on the moment and enjoying it!

Today I got some lovely holographics for you, and oooh how beautiful isn't he?
I introduce you: Gosh - Holographic
I bought this one last year, but due the lack of sunshine, I didn't feel like wearing it...

A lot of sunshine but bad picture quality

No sunshine involved

I must say the varnish polishes very nice and smooth and has a lovely consistency. But the first thing I notice (next to the FABULOUS holographic effect) is the horrible chipping. I tried this polish with base coat and without and it just doesn't work. Application is not good with base coat, and alright without. I read that the polish won't chip that fast with Nfu - oh Aqua Base or the Fix Base Coat of Gosh itself.
Anyways, I don't have any of the two so I have to do it without. In comparison to Catrice or something like that, the polish is quite pricey (€6,99?), but I don't think you get a nice holographic lower than that. (Please tell me if I'm wrong).
Anyways, I'm happy with the colour but not really with the quality... I expected more from Gosh, mais bien oui, c'est la vie!

This was the state of my polish after two days:

Hope you liked it!

ps: The dark tip is thanks to my blaze polish that turns in the sun!

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