zondag 3 april 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed : Essence - 03 Clyde

Today a review about the other half of Bonnie  of the nail art twin collection.
I got this on my birthday from Chloë, A lovely cute girl!
I used this one on my French manicure white by essence , a mis buy, I was actually looking for a covering white, not a sheer one. However, I think I'll use it as a white base for watermarbling, glitters or actually to do some French tips... You'll never know

Anywaaaays: I'm reviewing all the glitters in the bottle for you !

It's a glitter topper in blue with larger and smaller glitters in it

The little R stands for team rocket (themed party) :p
The brush is good and as you can read... it is a topper so cannot expect a bomb full of glitters that you'll never get off.
The amount of glitters is okay  for me and if you wan't more you can always do a second coat (on the picture I'm doing it with one coat). Even though I expected some more glitters, based on the bottle. It dries like a normal polish, maybe some longer but not much. I think the biggest plus for this polish is it's price... It's not expensive at all so everybody can afford it. The brush is alright and the glitters will work perfectly with Bonnie  (would be a shame if it wouldn't :p)

Some fuzziness to see the glittereffect!

I almost never wear glitters like this but I'm definitely going to try to do that more... Summer is coming so I must brighten up my nails :)

Hope you liked the review :)

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  1. kheb die ook! het duurt wel superlang om ze er weer af te krijgen :p


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