zaterdag 9 april 2011


Hi !
A went shopping on wednesday and look what I’ve found!
Yes indeed :D The newest collection of Catrice! (and a tonic…) The collection from essence wasn’t there (in its total)… So I’m going to wait to purchase some of them.
The colours I bought are:
  •           050 Moulin Rouge Light – Nude Collection
  •           520 Apropos Apricot – Ultimate Nail Lacquer
  •           490 Iron Mermaid - Ultimate Nail Lacquer
  •           Essence Quick dry topcoat
  •           Essence nail art something (I think it is cuticle oil :p but I’m not completely sure)
  • EDIT: I also bought In the bronx by Catrice  ;o  I totally forget him; Sorryy !

Moulin Rouge Light and Apropos Apricot are soft colours for summer and Iron Mermaid is a lovely duochrome (at least I hope it is a nice duochrome :p)
I hope you already got your new catrice – essence items !

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