zaterdag 30 april 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed : 03 kings of mints - Essence you rock!

Wednesday I got  per accident in het kruidvat and I saw 25% discount on Essence (on 3 products) and the new LE you rock, and finally the new Catrice collection !
Yes ! Three in a row! Too bad, I didn't bring my wallet so I had to find my boyfriend to help me out :) I found him, but after all I paid with my card...

I brought an bright light blue home : Kings of Mints and Love Peace and Purple (who looks much better on picture than IRL)!

Like I already said... It's a light blue, minty, bright colour with a gray tone in it. I thought there were blue/silver micro glitters in it, but I guess that was probably a hallucination 'cause I don't find them anymore. I probably would've liked the polish more with microglitters but it's great like this too !
The application is great and my nails are opaque after 2 coats and polish dries quite fast... Surprising!

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