zaterdag 23 april 2011

Quicklaaay Reviewed: 460 In the bronx - Catrice

Tried my new catrice polish on a friend of me (Barbara again) and on my toes. But because I dislike feet, I give you this picture for me review :)


It is more of a golden bronze and looks slightly different on my (and her) nails than in the bottle :) Doesn't take away the fact that I love this colour. It's a smooth polish that covers in 2 layers and has a gorgeous shimmereffect. Maybe the colour isn't very spring or summer, the glitters show up the best in the sun.
The polish on her nails didn't chip for 3 days (maybe because her nails are short? I don't know... Maybe it is just a good polish :p ) and went of easily with some nail remover.

I just wanna mention that I really love the Catrice bottles. They're simple and not - cheaplooking. And they're quiet easy to store in my drawer :)

Hope you love your new Catrice polishes to !

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