zondag 24 oktober 2010

Quickly reviewed : BONNIE - Essence Nail Art Twins

Long time no write ; I had such a busy month ö it's crazy; million different schoolthings to do...
Anywaaays, of course I found the time to relax and do my nails ;D

I present you all: Bonnie a Essence Nail Art Twins polish

The thing I like the most. IT IS SOOOO CHEAP and It goes with her beautiful partner Clyde. A blue glitterpolish with big chunks in. I intended to post a picture of both of them; but I didn't get a accurate one... kinda annoying, you'll have to do it with only Bonnie.

Next to the fact that the polish is -oh so- cheap, the lovely and gorgeous bright blue is a one coater. Application is nice and I didn't had any bubbling.
The bad thing about it (about essence polishes in general) is that it chips prette fast... It lasted perfect for 1 to 2 days.

Anyhows, the shine isn't that great, but put on a shinyshiny top coat and no one will ever know.

Hope you like him/her (what is the gender anyways of polish? it?) as much as I doooo :)

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