woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Fail of the week: Pink Marble nails

Sadsad news people, the manicure I tried failed big time D;  But I still wanna share it with you !
(If you really want to laugh , check out my middle finger fail... but hey, at least I tried! )
More fail information underneaaaath

I wanted to try it for a longer time, MARBLE NAILS - epic sound

At first sight it looks so damn easy and so damn pretty and kind of sofiticated... Yeah you damn marblers tricked me well ... U_U

First tip :  PLEASE!  Put vaseline on before starting of tape your fingers (not on your nails of course of with some scotchtape, cause it's going to get dirty. I can tell, daaamn, I forgot to put vaseline on 2 fingers and I had to scrub my fingers really hard to get rid of the very very sticky and suddenly pigmented polish.

Second tip : Don't think "Oooh, I'm gonna flick my fingers very quick in the water and I'm done " on your first date with marbling, cause it's soooo much harder than you think. (Hybris is never good.)

ANYWAYS; I put a goldy polish as a base and then I played with more pink polishes and a gold light yellow colour, Hope you like it even though it didn't work out so well.

See you next time xx

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