woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Dark glitters with floral touch

A simple pink (darker than I intended) flower in the center of my nail with triangle starting off my tip and a black basecolour, looks like winterrrrr

I wanted to create something dark but not too "goth" or however you call it and I wanted to try out one of my essence colour and go's! So that's the dark, but cute and playful design :)

The Green - Blue turned out more green than I expected and wanted; but maybe it's like that because I used it on black

Wieeehoooo, I used
- Black : Yolizul Fashion
- Green/Blue glitter : Essence colour and go - Choose me !
- Gold sparkle : Manhattan - 156 ( you're not seeing it too well on tha pictuuures)
- Pink : Essence - Most Wanted
- Silver: Essence Nail art brusher - Silver

( If I ever name something wrong or spell something out wrong; please tell me :p )

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