dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Colourful Randomness

Instead of learning English I uploaded some pictures ^.^
 Please forgive me the blue smudge ;o

More detailed pictures beloooooooooooow

A rocket, lips, jellyfish, a cloud and a little moustached man

I used sooooo many different nailpolishes, and yes i'm too lazy to post them (If you want to know them.. Ask ;D )

I got you some detailed pictures !  (What a catch ^^ )

A cute little face with a moustach; looks a bit like the guy from pringles, sorry didn't do it on purpose

A little silver rocket and little lips 

And as last a little jellyfish swimming above some coral and a cloud swifting true glitters
(and sorry for the blue smudge (yes I was too lazy to get rid of it... ))

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