dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Quicklaaay reviewed: P2 Color Victim Dangerous 249

The lovely polishes I'm reviewing is P2 Victim's Dangerous ( 249). A darker blue polish with a grey undertone... The picture isn't 100 % colouraccurate, but I tried my best...

At first I thougt the polishes didn't go smooth on at all, but later on I discovered it was due the bad basecoat I was using. (My polish ran in really weird random splashes on my nails... Damn basecoat ! )

But after all I like the formula like I always do with P2 Victim...
Too bad it's not available in Belgium, so I have to stock a lot when I pass by Germany :D

Soooo the colour is a little bit darker on my nails than in the container and more blue than I expected.
It didn't chip for 5 days, but I got a white tip on it and 2 layers of topcoat... ^.^ So that's not really reliable...

Afterall I'm really happy with this polishes and it's one of my favourite darker blues

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