donderdag 7 juli 2011

Yellow nails: What to do?

Hi everyone :)

Lacqueristas know the problem too well. Yellowish nails, they look hideous, shabby and very fragile. I also 'suffer' this problem but you can prevent and 'cure' your nails from getting yellow!
But no worries! There are a lot of ways to get rid of them.

Not my nails... It was the first picture of yellow nails I bumped into

Always , ALWAYS use a basecoat. You won't be facing the problem of having discolourated nails after rocking red, blue or yellow or any other well pigmented colour. And I experienced that my polish stays on longer, and glides on easier.
I wore for a long time polish without basecoat, and I do see the difference when I started using it. Back in the days, I couldn't wear my nails bare, they were horrifying! So believe me and were basecoat :p

I know it's not really curing and yellow nails aren't a disease at all, but I don't know how I should say it else way.
You can try the "natural/kitchen" ways. Stop wearing polish and let the yellowish grow out are let it be washed away. I goes away after a longer period. You can also bathe your nails in a mix of water and salt or water ans lemon juice. It's not super recommanded because it can dry out your nails badly. I also heard if you clean your nails (daily) with toothpaste, I've never tried it, but I hope it works.
If you want to do it the "chemical" way you can put your trust into withening products like trind nail repair. Until now Trind nail repair is one of the most used products to get your nails whiter and reading a lot of reviews, I assume it does work.

I hope this post was bit of a help :)
Bye x

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