maandag 11 juli 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: 01 Chacalaca - Essence LE

Hi everyone :)

When the Whoom! Boom!! collection was out I never didn't purchase any of the polishes but some days ago I saw it in Kruidvat for only €0,50 so I decided to take it with me :)

press picture

The irl looks more blue and darker and I think the "Whoom! Boom!!" effect is achieved. The blurple creamy polish made me think of cartoons right away.
The colour in the bottle is lighter than on your nails, which is kind of unfortunate :( but I'll survive.
It's has a very strong pigment and has a rather thick formula but I didn't had problems with application.
It dries at first sight quite fast, but it takes longer than normal for the polish to harden out...  But I still glad I purchased this one :)

I had picture of only the blurple but I accidently faltered the delete - button --'

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