dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: My nail art brushes

Hi everyone :)

A while ago I ordered some brushes on ebay, and when I got them I was a little bit disappointed because half of the handles were broken (causing an adventure of trying to fix them and ruining another brush -.-) and the brushes looked pretty small.

The brushes are white transferring to pink. I didn't try them all, because I assumed they would have the same quality, but at first sight, there's nothing wrong with them. The brushes are really soft and go along with the moves you make with your hands. (Sounds weird.)

The 'dotting' tool differs a lot with my other dotting tools because of it's sharp point. I personally love it because it is the smallest ones of my dotting tools and you can make a lot of corrections with it like 'scrapping' of some polish or add little dots when your lines aren't tight enough.

I still don't really understand how some people use vaseline (or something else) to protect their brushes. I try to do this but the polish just won't 'stick' on the hairs of the brush and transfer on my nails. Maybe it works better with acryl paint, but I haven't tried it yet.
 As you see, the package has different brush sizes that can be useful. In general I'm happy with my purchase, especially with that price (€1,51)...
Eventhough some handles were broken I do recommand you this brushes if you're a beginner like me :)

Bye xx

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