zondag 12 juni 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: 2B - 59 (white)

Hello everyone :)

I hate the lame nail for the polish :p god, why not be a little bit creative? But we shouldn't be too picky, I got this polish free. So let's get started!

White and yellow are the it - nailpolish colours of this summer and white it is, today I wore a white shirt and it looked kinda grey next to the polish, it was as white as my exam paper. Conclusion: Very bright white!
The formula is rather thick and streaky and the polish covers within 2 layers, but isn't completely opaque. I have the feeling that drying time is rather short, great!
I must say I didn't really enjoy the brush because for me the handle was too short (I'm used too larger, if that makes sense).

I think the polish costs €3,49 (plus minus) but contains little in comparison to catrice bottles (costing less).

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