zondag 26 juni 2011

Ebay haul!

Hi  everyone :)

For prom I got myself some rhinestones to put on my masque (... masqued ball) and I can use them for my nails and make - up too! (Hooraaaay !)
I saw some nice and cheap brushes and decided to buy them too :)

Everything was shipped pretty quickly (the rhinestones amazingly quickly) and wrapped up nicely.
Too bad some of the handles of my brushes were broken... The same day I received them and wanted to glue them together but while fighting the super glue I spilled on my lovely and beloved pencil brush from Yves Rocher and killed it. If you have tricks and tips for me to save my brush and get the glue out of the hairs, TELL ME!

Anyways, some pictures and links :)

Link to the product !

Link to the product !

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