dinsdag 21 september 2010

Neutral gradient nail

Neutral nail is kinda weird to say, but I used really soft and subtile colours. Something I'm not used to.
Yeah, I tried to toughen it up, but I kinda failed in it. On one you got a chain with a star, a J (first letter of my name), a little heart and a really messed and fucked up Peace sign (big fail I know).
But I was too proud of my gradient effect that I refused to remove it with some nailremover, so here the results! A gradient nail; from a light brown to a deep orangy copper

I used:
Maybeline New York - ( I just don't find the name)
Rimmel Lycra Wear - Golden Spun
Essence - Insider

my top - and basecoat.

Oh can somebody please help me with the MNY polish? I don't find the collection on the Internet !

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