donderdag 16 september 2010

Lady Bugs with some Cupcakes !

The 13th of september was my birthday and a friend of mine said:
So it's yr birthday tomorrow; why don't you paint some cakes or something?
Nooo, I was already playing with the idea to do some lady bugs and I wanted to make my work out of it so I thought, why not both ?

To paint my lady bugs I used a improvised dotting tool (a bobby pin...) and my small brushes and ...
- Orange : Crazy Colour 73
- Green : Yolizul Fashion
- Blue : Yolizul Fashion
- Red : Lolitas nr 21 (or 24 I'm not sure ...)
- Black : Yolizul Fashion

And for the cupcake I only used the primitive dotting tool in combination with
- Yellow : Sunshine 4ever - Essence show your feet
- Dark brown : 39 Spicey - Essence
- White: Blanc  - Biocura
- Red : Lolitas nr 21 (or 24 ... )

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