donderdag 21 juni 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Some like it haute - China Glaze

Hi everyone :)
My last exam tomorrow :) Too bad it's organic chemistry and I'm soooo terrified that I'm going to fail :(
Anyways, some pretty glittery things for your eyes.

I covered Androgynie (Orly) with 2 coats of some lik it haute from China glaze. Covers well, dries fast. I loooove the amazing sparkle, but would've prefered more black/charcoal glitters over those multicoloured/holo glitters. The polish show off pretty fast tipwear. But that's a problem that I have with all my glitterpolishes. (Except for Optical illusion, China glaze.)µ

Still looks AWESOME.
The polish needs a rich coat of topcoat to make it look at its best!

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