vrijdag 15 juni 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Orly Androgynie

Hi everyone :)

Today I have Orly's (in?)famous Androgynie.
In the bottle the polish looks AMAZING, but the first time I applied it, it was such a disappointment. Nothing of the glitter showing off in the bottle, was visible on my nails.
Wondering way so many liked it I started googling and bumped on an article saying ' how to get Orly's Androgynie pretty' (not the exact title, but that was in fact what is was about).
The blogger advised to keep the bottle upside down for a while and then do your nails, and GOD WHAT A DIFFERENCE. It's not as pretty as in the bottle, but it's better than I first applied it.

The polish looks to me like a little galaxy, I love it!
It's a rather sheer black packed with golden glitter or glass fleck, multicoloured glitter and some hexes in all different colours. Looks goooood!

It didn't apply supersmoothly, but I think I blame my old and thick base coat. The polish needs a thick coat of top coat to make it smooth and shiny.

I hope you like it too :)

Thanks to Maxime for giving me this vase for my birthday. More versatile than I ever thought.

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  1. Woaw. I do not put nailpolish on as well as you. At all! It's always all over my fingers! Haha!


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