woensdag 24 november 2010

Quicklaaay reviewed: MNY - a pink shade

Not only a almost set my room on fire,
and not only should I make my math homework, 
I also got you some POLISHHHHHH !

I present you my only MNY polish, who lost his number... so an  anonymous one :)

Readreadread !
It a soft pink with a golden shimmer that's applies very smooth and is opaque within 2 coats. A really soft colour with that little extra.

The colour is perfectly the same as in the bottle, and (like (almost) all of my polishes) cheaaaap !

Drying time is okay, not too long but not really short... 
After two days I had the usual tip wear, but no major chipping :)

Overall I'm pleased with this one... It doesn't have a funny smell and I got what I wanted !
So go out of that chair on go shopping ;o

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