donderdag 6 september 2012

Tutorial : Converse shoes

Hi everyone :)

Today I have a easy tutorial for you that gives you pretty cool nails!
(If I can say so myself)

You can do the black and white with acrylics or polish, doesn't really matter. I used polish here :)

I really hope you're going to try this one out!

1. Start off with a fun base colour. You can use anything!

2. Paint your tips white than grab your dotting tool and put six dots on your nails like so :

3. After you have that done, the hardest part (for me) comes along. Take a striper and try to create a bow along the edge of your nail. If you have some shivers like me, you can always 'fake' or 'fix it to a clean line by adding tiny bits of white after the black has dried.
4. Take your dotting tool again and put some smaller black dots in the larger white ones.

5. Take your striper again and start connecting the dots. 

6. Add some topcoat after the design has completely dries and you're done!

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