zaterdag 1 september 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Born to privilege - Wet 'n wild

Hi everyone :)

These pictures don't do justice do this polish at all! I just couldn't get it right on picture. THE HORROR ö

This pretty one is a golden - green duochrome with round glitter in all different colours. Sometimes it evens flashes blue -sigh-The varnish covers with 2 layers but needs topcoat to shine and glitter even more ;)

This polish is a part of the coloricon collection of wet'n wild and probably my favourite since I adore golden polishes.

If you ever have the chance to pick these up and looove glitter; don't hesitate! It'll be worth it :)
I really hope some miracle will happen one day, and some crazy ass bastard decides to sell it in Belgium/Europe

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