vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed : Genius in the bottle - Catrice

Hi everyone! 
Today I got loads of pictures of this beautiful duochrome (gold to green) polish. Genius in the bottle is said to be a dupe for the Chanel polish Peridot, so I've been waiting so long until a cheaper brand - that I could get my hands on - would release a dupe, YAY!

So, it goes on like a charm and only need two layers to cover perfectly (bit streaky) and lasts quite long on my nails. I've been wearing this polish for approximately 5 days and only my index fingers are chipped to dead but my others fingers are looking fine with only a bit of tipwear.

The thing that makes it weird is that I think the polish darkens a lot while wearing it. Looking at my fingers now, the polish looks more bronze and the duochrome effect is almost gone... Is that even possible?

Anyways, I decided that I like the new brush from catrice... It polished so 'clean' (?). I had almost no cleaning up to do.

Hope you like it too :)

1 opmerking:

  1. Genius in the bottle, love it! Heb vandaag de Chanel nog zien staan, echt bijna hetzelfde he :p

    En mag ik ook een ring bestellen bij jou, ik vind ze echt supermooi! :D

    Xo, Imke


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