zaterdag 3 maart 2012

#1 My first nail polish rings !

Hi everyone :)

I'm soooo excited, I got this stuff delivered this week, but I had to wait for the weekend to get started (I study in Ghent and my polish stash lives at home in Zonnebeke...)

I have loads of pictures to show. The duochrome blue/green - purple is the one I made for my mother. She chose the colours and she chose well ^.^

The first one is combination of : Space Queen (essence), Circus confetti (essence), helo holo (essence) and dirty berry (catrice).
The second contains Time for romance (essence), Make me golden (essence) and Hypnotic poison (essence).
And the one for my mother rocks Iron mermaiden (catrice) and Space queen (essence)

Hope you like them!

1 opmerking:

  1. Helloo!

    Die paarse met gouden vlokjes (oa op de eerste foto), vind ik heel mooi! Leuk gedaan!



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