maandag 6 februari 2012

What to do if you don't find the one you want: Mark your polishes

Hi everyone :)

I just wanted to show you a simple something that I use to store my polishes. I just hate it when I cannot find the colour that I'm really looking (and my stash isn't that big), so during the pauzes from studying I started to polish some of those round circles to help your notes to be kept together.

Klean the edges with a pencil and you can stick them right on yr bottles :) 

But if you have some of those nasty bottles that are to small, I just put some polish on a used ringstickerthing and smear the polish of top of the bottle handle.

I hope you found it interesting enough and try it yourself :)

1 opmerking:

  1. "My stash isn't that big" jij grapjas ;) Maar wel echt handig hoor, dit. Ik had er trouwens 44 bij m'n laatste telling :')

    XO, Imke


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