donderdag 16 februari 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Eye pearls Bourjois - 61 Création

Hi everyone :)

I showed you in a previous post this palette that I got from Bourjois...
Briefly said, the swatches I made were rather disapointing...Colour came of but it wasn't as pigmented as I expected. I 've used the palette 2 times and the more I use it the more colour shows off on my eyelid.

The middle colour on the upper row is quiet interesting. At first site, it seemed that it was just another dull greysilver. BUT IT ISN' T ;o
The dark grey contains a lot of beautiful shimmer (red green blue) but not noticable in the swatch...

I' m not saying it's a waste buying it, but I personally wouldn't buy it. (I'm still happy I got it for free ;D )

The one on the right with flash, the one the left without.

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