vrijdag 11 november 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed : Yves Rocher polishes

Hey everyone!

I already showed you in a haul I got a free polish from Yves Rocher. The next day I received two other coupons (from 2 friends :D ) and get another one.

So, to be briefly... I'm glad I didn't pay for them.

I don't like the colour and even after 2 layers it's not opaque. I should be a purple with a beautiful golden shimmer, but it turned out to be a pearlpurple duochromish something. It's not my thing.
The only thing that I liked was the ease of the application.

I like the second colour much more (if you don't count in the lack of opacity). It's a soft peach with a lovely orange shimmer. Application is great again, and It would have been a win if the polish was opaque... Too bad :(

Briefly said, I wouldn't recommend these polishes. I still have one coupon left, I'm going to get another one and hope for the best !


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