dinsdag 29 november 2011

From dirty to white and shiny :D

Hi everyone ! :)

A while ago, I bought the Herôme nail whitener, but I didn't really believed in it and I like my nails more with a beautiful colour and some awesome decoration (nailart ftw! ).

I have the bad habit of always scratching and pulking of my nailpolish, I know it damages my nail enormously but I cannot stop doing it...

So this is how my nails lookED with no polish

( As you see, enough reasons to show a small picture of it)
And after some cleaning up

And this is the amazing result after using the Herôme whitener! It works out great for me! Normally my nails look a lot more yellow (even without the whitener), so I think it also thanks to my new base coat...

I'm a happy person, I just couldn't believe my eyes! My nails almost look natural and not discoloured :)

So I can only say one thing, yellow nails and it bothers you, GO GET SOME AND SMACK IT DOWN ON YR NAILS !


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