zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed - Golden rose Scale effects #6 & #12 - P2 victim Golden rush

Hi everyone :)

A month ago I ordered some flakie polishes, and received my package like superquickly by enchantra, so thank you !
I did this mani 2 weeks ago but there was always something going on that made uploading this pictures impossible, but now they're here!

This is Golden rose scale effect #6; greenblue flakies

Golden rose scale effect # 12; Redyellowgreenflakies

I think it looks AMAZING and I can't stop looking at them! I was a bit disapointed by #6 because the blue flakies were quite hard to find... And yes, like all flakies, it's hell to get them off.

And a closer picture of the crackle ! Golden rush - P2 victim , one of my favourite brands !

Love the colour and it cracks quite good I think :)

Gotta love it! I payed €2,50 each for the flakies and I think €1,50 for the crackle, but I'm not entirely sure...
Hope you like it too :)

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