zondag 30 oktober 2011

Halloween tutorial: Vampire themed nails

Hi everyone !

On Ansje's demand, I did a halloween tutorial for you... I'm sorry it's so late, but I v'e been busy with school, anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN
I' ve chosen the vampire theme, makes me think of "true blood" !

1) Start off with a darker base. I chose a white polish (from 2B) en topped it with a black crackle (crack me up black - essence) and because I love glitters I used a holo glitter topcoat (hello holo - essence) !

2) I want something different on my ring - and indexfinger so I leave them blanc. On the rest of my fingers I want dripping blood ^^
First I take a red (rather sheer) polish a draw big dots , placed randomly on my nail but in one line.

3) Connect the dots with the end of your nails. Make sure it's not prefectly straight line.

4) Connect the outter ends of the lines and make them BLOODY ;o
I 'm going over it with a darker colour, but you don't have to if you don't want to. (Actually you don't have to do anything...)

5) Let's go to the bat... I started off with drawin a large dot and 3 small dots on each side.

6) Connect those bastards with a curved line and draw over them a long bow. Fill it up with black and draw 2 little ears and draw a white outline.

7) Now for the fangs... I guess images say more than words... !

8) And for my homegirl Ansje, a sweet little pumpkin!

and if you want some eyes...

9) Get your topcoat out and yr done!

I hope you liked it and that you'll try it out :D
Good luck !


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