zondag 18 september 2011

Tutorial: Simple roses

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm showing you how to create small roses on your nails, it's quick and easy :)

Let's get started :D

After you applied your base colour, just take a dotting tool (or something else you can make dots with) and make dots in pairs next to each other.

Next take another colour and dot also in pairs like you see on the photo. 

Next step is a bit harder to explain. Take a toothpick or something else with a sharp point and make a spiral, Work from the outside to the inside, but be quick... The polish has to be a little wet but not too much. (Sounds more complicated than it exactly is) Like so you twist and mix the two colours together.

You created your roses :) so off to the leaves

Load your nailartbrush or dotting tool (or whatever you use!) with a green polish and draw some leaves. Mine look sloppy, I know... They're actually more random ovals than leaves...

You can choose to add a darker green to the leaves, but that's totally optional. I always add the darker colour on one of the sides of the leaves. If you think line with the darker green is too thick, you just take back you lighter green and go over the edges of the darker green until you're happy with the line :)

I hope this was clear enough, if you still have questions, don't be scared to ask them !


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