zondag 13 maart 2011

No dotting tools? What to do

I have my dotting tools but a lot of girls (or boys) don't. They're often/ maybe too pricy or you cannot/ not allowed to (thq parents)  buy them over the Internet.

For those people I got some improvised dotting tools who will save you 'till you get some.
- You can easily use tooth picks... Too bad they're sometimes to small, that's why you can put a point of polish on them (layer by layer) to make a larger/bigger. (Does that made any sense? Probably not but I did my best to explain.)
- You can also use a bobby pin. Just make it straight and go dap it into polish and do those nails!
- You can use the back of a needle with a couloured thing on it.
- Got this from Nele: Use an empty ballpoint pen :)

Handy handy

Go and do those nails !

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