vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Acryl for nail art: When , Where, Why ?

I don't do professional acryl nails, but I'm convinced that it's handy and easy to use

I got myself a cheap ass paint set in the Aldi (actually my mom got them for me -- ) and I didn't touch them for a year until a month ago... why not?

I only used them for the "art" itself (dotting , writing etc) not for painting the whole nail... I got my polish for that matter.

- Easy to apply
- Dries relatively fast (applied thinely)
- Smoother than the white and black polish I've got
- Covers well
- Doesn't "smell' that much like polish

- Need topcoat on it
- No shine
- Not perfectly the same effect like polish

Hope you'll try it too !

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