woensdag 26 januari 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: Fabiola #040 ; a matte aubergine

In my Germany Haul you saw that I scored some cheap ass polishes in the T€di ...
This colour is a dark matte aubergine.

The polish has a good coverage and is completely opaque within two layers. It has a rather thick consistency. The polish isn't sheer (in contrary), the coloration doesn't match (nail - pot). The polish in the pot is dark aubergine but the colour on the nail is more black.

I have the polish on for four days and today I had my first little chip on my index finger. (And no topcoat involved.)
The brush isn't supergreat (too "squarish" for me, It gets sloppy by the cuticles) and after one night sleeping, the matte colour almost disappeared.
The only negative points are the inaccuracy of the colour, the not long-lasting matteness and the bad brush.

So  far so great, I am REALLY happy with it, surely when you know it was that cheap. (I mean, 50 cents?)

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