zaterdag 8 januari 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed : 042 Being in Heaven - P2 Color Victim

Here she is , a really really light blue. Almost white...
It's was one of the five new pastel colours from P2 colour victim.


It's rather a sheer polish. I used 3 to 4 coats to get it even.
The consistence of the polish is very thin and watery, which I don't really mind, but I prefer it a little bit more jellyish (if that makes sense at all ...)

I don't know if it's the polish or if I do something special (or the doubling up from the top coat) , I'm wearing it for 5 days, I swam yesterday, showered and I still don't have any chips only a little bit of tip wear.

The colouraccuray is good, you get what's in the pot, though in the drugstore (due the lights) the polish seemed "blue-er" to me.

Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase and I personally think it's a summer and winter colour. Love it !

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