zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Biocura - holoish pink rose

Hi everyone!

This is the only polish I own from Biocura (Aldi). 2 months ago my eyes gazed upon this rather cheap polish. It retailed for €2,50 and I couldn't stop thinking about the hint of holo that I saw and after two weeks I just took it with me.

The pink isn't my kind of pink but it does okay. The fact that the scattered holo glance in the bottle, is actually present on the nail makes that up to me!
If you're into pink holo things, run to the Aldi, and buy you one!

On the downside the polish chipped really fast, but that can be explained by the lack of topcoat. I was to scared to ruin the holo effect; so I slapped on some flower instead!

ps: Enjooooy the chemistry on the background!

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